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Watch Noof how she discovered Head Lice infestation and how she managed it

Noof got Head Lice and How her Mother detected the Head Lice infestation and how to manage it

MOOV Head Lice Shampoo is an easy to use, effective head lice treatment. Substitute MOOV Head Lice Shampoo for your normal shampoo when head lice are present.

Ensure you follow instructions carefully to effectively kill head lice and eggs.


  • Kills Head Lice and eggs.
  • Clinically proven Fast and easy to use.
  • Contains natural essential oils.
  • Comes with a re-useable shower cap

Other treatment products available in the MOOV Head Lice Range include:

MOOV Head Lice Solution kills head lice and eggs and is recommended for use on normal skin.

MOOV Head Lice Sensitive is specifically designed to treat head lice infestations for people who have sensitive scalps.

Why choose Moov ?

  • ^ Natural Essential Oils

  • Easy to Use

  •  Australian Owned

    Australian Owned

^Not applicable to MOOV Head Lice Removal Comb

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