Head Lice Management And Prevention Tips

by Dr Fabrizio Spada PhD

Head Lice Management  And Prevention Tips

Like any medication, with head lice management it’s important to read the instructions to get the most out of your management process.

Head Lice have a life cycle that lasts up to 21 days, so it’s really important that parents apply a product on an infested child as directed to break the cycle and kill all lice and eggs effectively

Prevention tips

  • Lice can’t fly or jump. They transfer by direct head-to-head contact, so school kids are advised to avoid swapping hats in the playground
  • Long hair should be tied back in pigtails or a pony tail.This makes it harder for the lice to get access to the hair and don't allow children to share hairbrushes
  • Chat to other mums about head lice and do a quick check of the hair every night if you can. The quicker you get on top of an infestation the easier it will be to clear it

Management tips

  • Choose natural pesticides as the scientific evidence shows that head lice are building up resistance to many synthetic pesticides
  • Follow ALL the instructions on the pack. Head Lice can be very frustrating, but this frustration can be compounded if the instructions aren’t followed carefully
  • Look for a Management type that suits. MOOV offers three different types of Management so you should be able to find a product that works for your whole family

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